We welcome support from charitable trusts, funds, foundations and other grant-making bodies. We have a strong track record of delivering transformational projects that raise aspirations and build confidence & resilience in disadvantaged young people, to help close the attainment gap.

We are fortunate to have secured generous support from a number of charitable organisations to enable delivery of our life-changing projects.

Support our cause

The W M Mann Foundation

The W M Mann Foundation provides financial support to charities and organisations in Scotland. It supports social, medical and environmental issues. In September 2018 we were awarded a generous £5,000 grant from the W M Mann Foundation to deliver a series of 29 free or subsidised school talks at 21 schools in Scotland, to help raise aspirations. Inspire Alpine® founder Ricky Munday delivered his keynote talk Follow Your Dreams to over 6,000 pupils at the following schools:

  • Cleeves Primary
  • Hutchesons' Grammar
  • Our Lady's High
  • St Clare's Primary
  • Neilston Primary
  • Mosshead Primary
  • Alloway Primary
  • Boclair Academy
  • St Ninian's Primary
  • St Clare's Primary
  • Kirkhill Primary
  • Crookfur Primary
  • Neilston Primary
  • St. Cadoc's Primary
  • Milngavie Primary
  • Mosshead Primary
  • Muiredge Primary
  • Darnley Pimary
  • Alloway Primary
  • George Watson's College
  • Kirktonhome Primary

Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon is the children’s charity of rugby. They fund life-changing projects that support children and young people with disabilities or living in disadvantage. Their vision is that through the power of rugby, every child and young person no matter what their background has access to the same opportunities. In September 2019 we were awarded a generous £10,000 grant to support the purchase of a 17-seater minibus to help drive up income, support schools in the most deprived areas and maximise our social impact.

Transform Foundation

Transform Foundation helps small and mid-size charities to transform their digital presence to reach more people, raise funds and better serve their beneficiaries. In June 2019 we were awarded an allocation under their Small Charities Funded Website Programme. This provided a free website design & build by their IT partner and a 50% discount on ongoing license and support fees. This website was built through this programme.

SE-Assist Wales

SE-Assist is an innovative model where social enterprises can access funding and support from large businesses. After a competitive investment pitch process to the Social Investment Committee in October 2019, we were awarded £25,000 of unsecured interest free funding to support our ambitious growth plans and maximise our social impact. We are investing in our marketing and online presence as well as transportation in order to grow and meet demand.

Impact Case Studies:

Arran Luke Matthew Betsy Paige

I have NEVER seen Betsy so captured by anything as she has been tonight. The detail she relayed back to me was astounding! She burst in to tears she was so in awe of Ricky's bravery. He must have been an amazing story teller and has certainly hammered home the ‘follow your dreams’ message. Particularly for Betsy as she takes a back seat to her brother more than she should have to. I genuinely have never seen Betsy engage on this level before and it was so lovely listening to her!

Current Projects:

1. Minibus Project:

We're currently seeking funding of £45,000 towards the purchase of a 17-seater minibus to support our social mission to help us close the attainment gap in two key ways: 

  • Income generation – we will use the minibus to support our UK mountain challenge events, such as the National Three Peaks Challenge
  • Allow us to offer transport to UK schools & youth groups to enable disadvantaged young people to access the outdoors to build confidence & resilience 

We've launched a capital appeal to help raise awareness of this project. To date, we've secured £10,000 of grant funding, £10,000 of interest-free loan funding & £5,000 of corporate sponsorship towards the £45,000 capital cost. We currently have a funding shortfall of £20,000.

Donate to our Minibus Appeal Fundraise for our Minibus Appeal

2. School Talks Project:

We're currently seeking funding of £20,000 to deliver 50 inspirational school talks to schools in the 5% most deprived areas of the UK, to help raise disadvantaged students' aspirations and help close the attainment gap.

Our founder Ricky Munday grew up on a council estate in Glasgow and has an acute understanding of the barriers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face to unlock their undoubted potential.

Ricky will visit 50 schools in the most deprived areas of the UK to speak to 10,000 young people to encourage them to follow their dreams by sharing his own story of facing and overcoming adversity and associated mental health challenges - he was arrested twice, dropped out of University twice, and was made redundant during his professional accountancy training. He completed the Marathon des Sables - a 150-mile ultramarathon in the Sahara desert known as the ‘toughest footrace on earth’ - after being made redundant, which totally changed his mindset and gave him the confidence and focus to follow his own dreams.

These talks will help young people change their mindset, inspire them to become more ambitious and help them develop greater self-awareness - and ultimately help close the attainment gap.

We are a smaller school group in a specialist provision. Many lack resilience and motivation. You could literally hear a pin drop. Ricky pitched his presentation perfectly and everyone enjoyed. The pupils still talk about him! Truly inspirational.