Ricky visited a Brownie pack in Renfrewshire to speak about Antarctica and his failure & success on Everest.

I have NEVER seen Betsy so captured by anything as she has been tonight. The detail she relayed back to me was astounding! She burst in to tears she was so in awe of this guy’s bravery. He must have been an amazing story teller and has certainly hammered home the ‘follow your dreams’ message. Particularly for Betsy as she takes a back seat to her brother more than she should have to. I genuinely have never seen Betsy engage on this level before and it was so lovely listening to her!

"Sophie has not stopped talking about climbing mountains! She was really impressed tonight, thank you!"

Wow what a fantastic evening the girls have had! Daisy hasn't stopped talking about Ricky's stories! She is very inspired and is very set on "following her dreams"....if only I could get her to bed & dreaming!

"Lucy is buzzing tonight! She has had an amazing night listening to Ricky's stories."