Arran's mum Lynda contaced us to describe the impact of Ricky's visit to Kings Park Primary school in Glasgow:

“It was just great to see the kids all loving your story and so engaged. I think they would've sat all afternoon asking questions! My mum and dad picked my son Arran up from school and she said it was the first thing he told them and talked about it non-stop."

“He was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD last summer and has had a challenging year and lost a lot of confidence so I believe that hearing experiences like yours is so important in challenging their opinions and views of themselves.”

The kids get so much out of hearing your story, some of the boys in Arrans class didn't know the name of the highest mountain in the world, and we have had some great conversations with Arran’s friends in the house about climbing and what makes motivates people to make these journeys, they never fail to surprise me! Arran has Goat Fell and Ben Lomond on his list for this summer, he didn't make the top of Ben Lomond last year as he is really scared of dogs and there was a dog 500m from the top.

“We've worked on this all year and I think he will do it this time, so it's good for him to hear that not managing to finish something the first time doesn't mean you can't go back and try again."