Lauren Cahill

Inspire Alpine® is a social enterprise - a business with a social mission. Their mission is to help close the attainment gap faced by disadvantaged young people, offering free inspirational talks to young people in areas of multiple and high deprivation, to help raise aspirations. They deliver purposeful outdoor adventures to build confidence and resilience.

5000 Metres Fundraiser

Gavin Hosie

This month I am taking part in Inspire Alpine's challenge of gaining a total of 5000 metres elevation by either walking, running or cycling in July, and have set up this page in order to raise as many funds as possible towards Inspire Alpine's social mission during the event.

Fundraise For Us

Alex MacDonald

Help support Inspire Alpine's social mission!

The Dragon's Back Race - running 380km & climbing 17,400m down the spine of Wales in 6 days

Ricky Munday

I'm attempting to complete the Dragon's Back Race® down the spine of Wales in 6 days in September 2021 to raise funds for Inspire Alpine® to continue to inspire disadvantaged young people. I'll attempt to run 380 kilometres & climb 17,400 metres in 6 days - more than twice the height of Everest!