What we do

At Inspire Alpine® we dream of a world where all young people have the opportunity to succeed.

Yet, there is clear evidence of a persistent gap in attainment between young people from the richest and poorest backgrounds, which has a direct impact on school-leaver destinations and future income levels.

We exist to help close this attainment gap.

What is the Attainment Gap?

Social Impact Activities

To help close the attainment gap, we offer free inspirational talks & purposeful outdoor adventures to schools in the most deprived areas to help raise aspirations & build confidence & resilience.

These activities are designed, delivered and led by Inspire Alpine® founder Ricky Munday, who grew up on a council estate near Glasgow and overcame adversity to reach the summit of Everest in 2018. Ricky has an acute understanding of the barriers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face to unlock their undoubted potential. He believes passioniately in social mobility and strives to ensure that disadvantaged young people have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Free School Talks 

Read our case studies that evidence our positive impact on young people below.

Case Studies - our Social Impact

Funding our Social Mission

To fund our social mission we offer a range of exciting services to individuals, schools & businesses to inspire them to 'Follow Their Dreams':

Inspirational Talks UK Mountain Adventures Overseas Adventures

Ricky shares his story of overcoming adversity and failure & success on Everest to inspire you to change your own mindset and make the impossible seem possible. Our UK and Overseas challenge events & expeditions will push your mental and physical boundaries to new limits and take you outside your comfort zone.

You'll become stronger, more resilient and more confident and you'll be ready to face whatever challenges life throws at you. By expanding your own boundaries, you'll be directly improving disadvantaged young peoples' lives.

With your support we can transform disadvantaged young people's lives!