We're seeking your support to deliver a series of 40 free inspirational talks schools in the most deprived areas to raise disadvantaged young people's aspirations to help close the attainment gap. Our founder Ricky Munday will speak to over 8,000 young people to describe his own journey from a council estate to the summit of Everest. Since June 2018 Ricky has spoken at more than 150 schools across the UK to inspire 23,000 young people to be more ambitious and to follow their dreams.

It was a truly inspirational talk with pupils & teachers alike ready to go and try Everest for themselves!

~ Craigdu Primary, East Dunbartonshire

From the moment he started, until the moment he sat back down, you could have heard a pin drop.

~ Parent, Halliford School

You can help us reach thousands more disadvantaged young people to help them understand that their economic background does not need to define their future, and to help them fulfill their potential - and ultimately help to close the attainment gap.

Thank you so much for an awe-inspiring assembly; it was fantastic to actually see pupils’ jaw-dropping expressions! The questions continued long into the day as they processed the amazing experiences that you shared with them.

~ Assistant Principal and KS2 Leader, Dashwood Banbury Academy