Are you eager to progress from hillwalking to test yourself on your first scramble? Let us guide you on Striding Edge - a rocky Lake District tightrope walk that offers all the thrill of a classic scramble, but little in the way of technical challenge.

Scrambling grades run from Grade 1 (doable for most competent hill walkers given the right conditions) through to Grade 3 (borderline rock climbs in very exposed situations that require knowledge of ropework). Striding Edge comes in at the lower end of the first grade, but that’s not to say it doesn’t pose a challenge for novice scramblers. This soaring razorback ridge that takes you to the summit of Helvellyn is narrow and exposed, with superb views throughout and a satisfying summit waiting at the end. 

It’s partly the situation of the ridge that makes it a fabulous choice for a first scramble as it takes in the summit of Helvellyn, with an extension of the scramble onto Swirral Edge as our descent route of choice. On the other hand, there’s an option to take an easier route if the exposure is getting to you. It really is the perfect introduction to scrambling.

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Why choose Striding Edge?

With spine-tingling exposure on both sides, Striding Edge isn’t the ideal choice if you suffer from vertigo. Other than a good head for heights, though, all you’ll need is basic hill walking know-how. Another reason to choose Striding Edge as a first scramble is that you won’t need to invest in any special equipment, such as ropes or specific scrambling footwear. Normal walking boots are actually a good choice for this day as along much of the ridge you’ll be walking, and the scrambling isn’t demanding enough to require scrambling footwear. 

Open Event Dates

April 5th


£60 per person


You can view an interactive route for Striding Edge by clicking below:

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Exposure & conditions

We’ll start our Striding Edge day from Glenridding and hike up to the ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’, a rickety stile that marks the beginning of the ascent up to the ridge. From here there’s a steeper ascent to the start of the ridge, where the exposure really begins to kick in.  For most of the route, the greatest challenge you’ll face is the exposure, so we won’t climb if it’s very windy, although it’s perfectly achievable in both dry and wet conditions. Unless you have a real problem with heights, you should be fine.

The crux

The most technically difficult section of Striding Edge is the scrambly descent known as ‘The Chimney’, which we tackle just before we scramble up a bulging rock face to the summit of Helvellyn’s summit. It’s a seven-metre rock tower that requires an awkward down climb - although most walkers can easily tackle it. Down climbing is more difficult than ascending as people tend to feel the exposure more, and this is definitely the trickiest section of the scramble.

We make sure that we test every hand and foothold thoroughly and your guide will point out the holds and ‘spot’ you from below, so you’ll be perfectly safe at all times.  

A path circumnavigates the main difficulties on the Red Tarn side of the ridge, which offers an easier bypass for nervous clients, but you won’t be able to avoid the scrambling completely. 

The scramble continues

We’ll make an exciting descent from the summit of Helvellyn via Swirral Edge, where the scrambling is a little easier as the ridge is much shorter and more straightforward.

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