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At 978m, Scafell Pike is the highest peak and the highest war memorial in England. It was gifted to the National Trust in 1919 in memory of those who died in WW1. It's also a very fragile habitat, home to rare plants and designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest a and Special Area of Conservation.

Scafell Pike is made of igneous rock and the summit is a giant boulder field of shattered rocks of the Borrowdale Volcanics, which vary in size from small stones to large boulders. The rocks are most likely shattered due to a combination of weathering and frost action. Various cairns mark a number of paths in different directions, which makes the summit area a confusing place – and especially so in poor conditions.

The summit of Scafell Pike is often wreathed in cloud and it is typically wet. The nearby village of Seathwaite is consistently the wettest inhabited place in England. Unsurprisingly, Scafell Pike is home to the highest standing water in England, known as Broad Crag Tarn, which lies at an altitude of 820m, a quarter of a mile south of the summit. In addition, Wastwater, which is the deepest lake in England, lies at the foot of Scafell Pike.

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April 4th


£50 per person


We offer two excellent options for climbing England's highest peak.

Wasdale Head

Corridor Route

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