Why partner with us?

By partnering with us you can support our social mission of helping close the attainment gap and directly improve disadvantaged young people's lives. We provide free inspirational talks and outdoor adventures to schools in the most deprived areas to raise disadvantaged young people's aspirations and build their confidence & resilience.

How do we aim to reduce the attainment gap?

Our founder Ricky Munday has already spoken at over 150 schools to inspire 23,000 young people to raise their aspirations. In 2020, we launch outdoor residentials to provide opportunities for disadvantaged young people the opportunity to experience the outdoors and build their confidence & resilience.

We offer this service on a commercial basis to other schools to help fund our free activities.

We have several other commercial income streams, including corporate talks, UK mountain adventures and overseas expeditions, which allows us to fund our social mission. We reinvest the majority of our retained profits in this mission.

Can we make a difference together?

Here at Inspire Alpine® we're already making a difference - see this case study from Arran (aged eight).

He was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD last summer and has had a challenging year and lost a lot of confidence so I believe that hearing experiences like yours is so important in challenging their opinions and views of themselves.

By partnering with us you can help us grow, and help more young people like Arran