Yesterday our founder Ricky drove 600 miles to speak to two very different groups of young people.

He spoke before lunch to 210 S5 & S6 pupils at Trinity Academy in Edinburgh, where he described his difficult journey from a council estate in Glasgow to the summit of Everest, via exam failure, University drop outs & being arrested twice.

That evening he spoke to 30 young Brownies in Renfrewshire in his role as a Polar Ambassador about Antarctica wildlife, weather & logistics & gave an illustrated account of his failure & success on Everest.

Two things stood out for him; at Trinity Academy two young women found the courage to approach Ricky directly during their lunch break to ask specific questions about his decision-making framework.

Both young women were unsure about their futures, but showed interest in volunteering, so Ricky reassured them that if they set out on a certain path it doesn’t mean that other doors close for them.

He also encouraged them to contact the SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations).

In Renfrewshire, what stood out was the passion that the Brownie leaders bring to helping change young lives. These volunteers are there week after week and are truly dedicated to supporting young people.

You can read some feedback following Ricky's visits below.

One of the Brownie parents emailed the Brownie leader to say thanks:

I have NEVER seen Betsy so captured by anything as she has been tonight. The detail she relayed back to me was astounding! She burst in to tears she was so in awe of this guy’s bravery. He must have been an amazing story teller and has certainly hammered home the ‘follow your dreams’ message. Thanks again for all you do and providing the girls with these amazing experiences. It’s very much appreciated. Particularly for Betsy as she takes a back seat to her brother more than she should have to. I genuinely have never seen Betsy engage on this level before and it was so lovely listening to her!