St Palladius Primary School in Dalry is located in the 5% most deprived areas of Scotland according to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), which is the Scottish Government's official tool for identifying areas of deprivation. Ricky visited St Palladius in October 2019 to share his own story of growing up in a council estate, visiting Antarctica and reaching the top of the world on the summit of Everest. This article first appeared in the Ardrossan Herald in October 2019.

KIDS from St Palladius were inspired when an explorer and mountaineer visited their school.

Ricky Munday told pupils about his polar adventures and tackling Mount Everest.

A spokesperson from the parent council, which organised the visit, said: “We had a fantastic visit from Ricky Munday. We loved seeing the pictures of Antarctica and the science stations. He informed us of the animals that live there, and the research carried out.

Ricky reminded us that if we give up, we don’t achieve. He has spent his life working towards a goal and has now achieved it. If we give up, we will never know if we could have achieved our goals.

You can book Ricky for a talk to visit your own pupils here.