Ricky was interviewed by WideWorld Magazine to describe the expedition kit he won't leave home without - his expedition essentials! You can read the origional article here.

Adventurer and Aid Worker Ricky Munday has led expeditions across four continents. In 2004, he completed the Marathon des Sables, the ‘toughest footrace on earth’ and is currently planning to climb South America’s 3 highest peaks. Here, he tells WideWorld the items he can’t leave home without; his expedition essentials.

1. Sense of humour

Often things can go wrong in the most unexpected of ways on expedition, especially in developing countries. Whether it’s waiting out a storm at Khan Tengri base camp, waiting for tribal elders to remove a roadblock in the New Guinea highlands, or waiting for an answer on a sponsorship proposal or grant application, patience is absolutely key to a successful expedition. How you respond to failure can determine whether you can turn failure into success.

2. Leatherman

For bending tent poles back into shape, cutting blister plasters, prepping dinner, or a multitude of other uses
3. iPod

to pass many sleepless hours in your tent or to help focus when hauling a 30kg sled on Denali
4. Petzl headlamp

Essential when you want to read during an overnight storm, or to help navigate during a pre-dawn ascent or post-dusk descent

5. Emergency blanket

Because you never know when you might need one

6. Trekking poles

I’ve used them on every expedition since 1996. Essential to take weight off your knees and very helpful for balance in the rainforests of New Guinea or the vertical bogs in the Rwenzori mountains
7. Camera

To document your adventures & inspire other people to follow their dreams

8. Water Purification

To treat water for drinking or as the most effective way to dry out blisters. Unfortunately hard to find now in the UK
9. Satcomms

Expedition purists would argue that having the ability to communicate destroys the essence of the adventure. I disagree – I would rather know that if something goes wrong I have a possible exit route
10. Good footwear

Essential to avoid blisters, slips, frostbite. Your footwear must be specific to the expedition – I have 5 different types of mountaineering boot, depending on the altitude, season or terrain.