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There are three ways in which you can fund an Inspire Alpine® adventure challenge:

1. Pay us directly with no fundraising

Just enjoy your adventure with no additional responsibilities. You’ll pay your non-refundable deposit when you book and pay your balance 60 days before the event, or you can choose to pay by direct debit.

2. Self-funding

With the self-funding option, you personally cover the full cost of the adventure challenge and raise as much sponsorship as you can for our social projects or for another charity of your choice.

The full cost of the challenge includes both:

  • the non-refundable registration fee which is due at the time of booking, and
  • the final balance which is due 60 days before departure - or you can choose to spready your payments by direct debit

The self-funding option has no minimum sponsorship requirement, although we encourage you to raise as much as you can to support our work with disadvantaged young people, or for your chosen charity. It works like this:

  1. You pay the non-refundable registration fee to us, in order to join the event
  2. 10 weeks before departure, you’ll receive a reminder to pay the challenge balance as shown on your invoice (unless you pay by direct debot)
  3. The challenge balance invoice is to be paid no later than 60 days before departure

3. Minimum sponsorship

With this option, you pay your non-refundable registration fee when booking the adventure challenge and pledge to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship for our social projects or for another charity of your choice. This option means the balance of your adventure challenge cost is met through this minimum sponsorship.

Many people sign up a year in advance when selecting this option, giving more time to prepare and organise your fundraising. It works like this:

1. To join the event, you pay the non-refundable registration fee directly to Inspire Alpine® and commit to raising the minimum sponsorship as per your confirmation email

2. Start fundraising! If you choose to raise funds for Inspire Alpine® you can set up a fundraising page here, so we receive donations directly. If you're raising funds for another good cause, send your sponsorship money to your chosen charity as you raise it

3. 80% of your minimum sponsorship must be received by us (or your charity) no later than 10 weeks before departure

4. The remaining 20% of your minimum sponsorship should be received by us or sent to your charity no later than 4 weeks following your return after the challenge. Some charities may request you send this 20% to them before the adventure challenge takes place – your charity will guide you further on this

If you choose to raise funds for Inspire Alpine® to support our social mission, your minimum sponsorship target will be significantly lower than if you raise for another good cause. This is because:

  1. we deliver events directly with no intermediary or middle man, and
  2. you can set up a fundraising page directly on our website so our payment processing costs and overhead costs are lower as we receive the funds directly – there are no third-party fundraising costs to cover (e.g. by using JustGiving)


Kilimanjaro: our October 2020 Rongai route departure from 15 - 23 October 2020 is priced at £2,600 per person. A non-refundable deposit of £250 is payable at the time of booking either online, or by bank transfer. There are three options to cover the cost:

1. Pay us directly - pay the balance of £2,350 by direct debit or by bank transfer (balance to be paid 60 days before the expedition start date)

2. Self-funding - pay the balance of £2,350 by direct debit or by bank transfer (balance to be 60 days before the expedition start date). You can choose to raise funds for us or another good cause on top of this

3. Minimum sponsorship - pledge to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship of £3,900 for our social projects. This will enable us to transform over 1,400 disadvantaged young peoples' lives by funding 7 free talks or webinars to schools in the most deprived areas!

Our fundraising target is around 20-25% lower than many charities, which make your fundraising target much more achievable!

Read more about our social impact

Sponsorship FAQ

Q1. Once I've registered, how do I start my fundraising and set up my fundraising page?

Once you have signed up to the challenge, you'll receive an email with instructions for how to set up your fundraising page on our website, or you can set one up here. Once you've set up your page you can start sharing the link on you social networks to start collecting donations!

Q2. What happens if I fail to raise the minimum sponsorship amount?

By signing up to fundraise for us you are committing to fund raise the minimum sponsorship - with 80% of that fundraising total due no later than 10 weeks before departure prior to the challenge and the remaining 20% no later than 4 weeks following your return after the challenge. Failure to meet the initial target could result in you being unable to take part in the challenge as this is a fundamental part of the challenge.

The overall objective of the challenge is to help raise funds for your chosen cause, so please be realistic about that when booking. If you fundraise for us and you fail to meet your fundraising target, your participation is fully at our discretion and will be decided on a case by case basis. You will be asked to pay an additional personal contribution to offset all (or a portion of) of the sponsorship shortfall and failure to do so will mean you forfeit your place. Our event and trips are tough - but in may respects that makes it a little easier to find willing sponsors, as it is no ordinary challenge. Often, once you get the ball rolling you will see the  sponsorship flood in!

Q3. Which other good causes can I support?

We would love you to raise funds for our social mission, but recognise that many people have other good causes they're passionate about. Aim to choose something with a personal connection, perhaps a cause that has affected you or a loved one in the past. If you have a connection to the cause and a story to tell, it will help to support your fundraising. Our challenges enable you to support any charity you want, providing it is registered in either the UK or Ireland. However, your fundraising page would not be hosted on our website, but on a fundraising platform such as JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving.

Q4. How do I convince sponsors that this is not just a holiday?

The physical exertion on our challenge events is extremely demanding, and requires many months of extensive training. Your sponsors are suporting you not for the short period that you're on the challenge, but the months of hard work & commitment to prepare for it. Remember this when you're tired after a long day at work and want to skip your training!

Facilities on our trips are often basic and in remote environments. Weather conditions are highly variable and can often be extreme. Our challenges should not be taken on lightly as they requires months of training, commitment to raising thousands of pounds for good causes and the physical, mental & emotional strain on the challenge itself.

Q5. Can I organise my own private group?

Definitely! There are few things more fulfilling than bringing together a team of like-minded people who all want to push themselves to the limit and support a fantastic cause! By putting together your own group, you'll be able to inspire others with your drive, passion and commitment. Many of our challenges are made up of clubs, corporate teams or groups of friends and family members taking part in their own private challenge. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. 

Q6. Do you help participants with their fundraising?

We'll provide you with general fundraising advice and a list of fundraising ideas, and if you raise funds for us your fundraising online giving page will be hosted on our website.

Set up your fundraising page

You can find out more about our social mission to transform disadvantaged young peoples' lives by watching the video or clicking on the button below:

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