We're seeking your support to deliver a series of 50 free inspirational Zoom talks for hub schools supporting vulnerable young people and the children of key workers during the COVID-19 crisis. We believe that now - more than ever - young people affected by the crisis need inspiration and support to help them survive and navigate the next few months. 

We believe this intervention will help thousands of young people and their families to become more emotionally resilient and maintain a sense of focus and perspective during the crisis.

Since June 2018 Ricky has spoken at more than 150 schools across the UK to inspire 23,000 young people to be more ambitious and to follow their dreams.

Thank you so much for an awe-inspiring assembly; it was fantastic to actually see pupils’ jaw-dropping expressions! The questions continued long into the day as they processed the amazing experiences that you shared with them.

~ Assistant Principal and KS2 Leader, Dashwood Banbury Academy