We run this event throughout the year, although the chances of good weather and summer conditions are higher between May & September. You must consider that the UK mountains cause moist air coming in from the Atlantic Ocean to condense and form clouds, which then dump large quantities of rain. 

The terrain of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge includes well-worn paths, with short road sections. There are a few short, steep ascents and descents. Poor weather makes the walk harder and it’s essential that participants have good footwear and adequate outdoor clothing to protect you from the elements. The weather can be unpredictable so be prepared for all conditions! You can check some local weather forecasts below.

Yorkshire Dales Mountain Forecast

The weather can have a massive impact on a group’s ability to complete the challenge. We will do our utmost to proceed safely but in very severe weather conditions the Mountain Leader has ultimate authority to decide whether to proceed and his/her decision will be final.