We will supply a small selection of fresh fruit (bananas, apples, citrus fruit) and bottled water on the minibus, but you need to supply the majority of your food and drink.  

Food choices are very personal, but to guide you, here’s what I carry in my rucksack on each mountain: 

  • 1 Sandwich or roll (cheese/ham) 
  • 1 packet of crisps 
  • 2 or 3 fruits (apple, satsuma/clementine, banana) 
  • 2 chocolate bars 
  • 1 litre of water in a Nalgene 
  • 2 small bottles of Lucozade Orange 

I typically don’t eat or drink all of this, but it does mean I can often share something with a participant who is struggling, and I have spare food for an emergency. Crucially, I also carry my main snacking items in accessible trouser pockets. I normally snack on Haribo Starmix, Jelly Babies or Fruit Pastilles 

It’s important that your snacks are easily accessible and can be eaten while you’re moving on the mountain. You shouldn’t have to stop to remove your rucksack to access your snacks. It’s vital that you eat something at least every hour in order to maintain your energy levels.  

In the minibus I’ll eat a selection of things like a pasta pot, chicken salad, sandwich, bananas, pasty, selection of pastries, chocolate or protein milkshake and water. The majority of food consumption happens on the minibus while travelling between mountains. This saves time and means less has to be carried whilst walking.  

Staying hydrated is vitally important, but water is heavy so try and hydrate as much as possible on the bus. I will try to pre-hydrate by drinking 1 litre before I reach the mountain, and the same again in the hour after we get down from the mountain. I carry at least 1.5 ltrs of fluid (water & Lucozade) on the hill.