Day 1 of the event

At 08:00 the briefing webinar will begin, and it will have two sessions:

  • 08:00 – 08:20: A briefing on what to expect during the challenge. We'll treat this as it if were a real event so we’ll talk about the actual weather forecast, kit required for their day, nutrition & hydration, how to measure and record height gain, how and when to update me with progress, how the Facebook event page will work and cover any questions participants will have (15 – 20 minutes)
  • 08:20 – 09:00: I’ll give an inspirational Everest-themed talk with a short Q&A. You can find out more about these talks here and view some recent feedback here. You can check out a short promo for these webinars by clicking on the image below, or at this link.

At 09:00 the event will begin and will run through to the Friday of Week 4.

During the Event

Participants will be asked to update me every 200 metres of ascent, or 5,000 steps/paces by Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger so we can track progress. I’ll send participants photos/videos from specific altitudes from the mountain to keep them engaged & motivated. I'll schedule a small number of Whatsapp video calls randomly throughout the 4 weeks with a selection of participants to provide support, check progress, encourage and motivate them or answer any questions.

Participants will also be encouraged to update the private Facebook event page with photos & video updates of their own to create a supportive and inspiring community for all.

I’ll be sharing tips and advice on the event page throughout the event.

Particpnats will receive an email each Sunday evening outlining the route and target for the upcoming week.

End of Event

We’ll hold a Zoom debriefing call with participants at close of business on the last day to celebrate our successful ascent, their amazing fundraising and share feedback, stories and goodwill all round.