When participants register for the event, we’ll email them a briefing document. That document will explain:

  • How the event will run
  • Include information on how to install and use some of the digital tools that we use to facilitate the event, such as Facebook, Zoom & Whatsapp
  • Include links to YouTube videos showing how to measure stairs and record circuits of stairs
  • Include a suggested kit list and a suggested training programme and some tips on nutrition
  • Include route information & a 3D video of the actual route so that your participants can visualise the route they're climbing on Kilimanjaro

We’ll also send them instructions to download our fantastic Vamoos app to help build excitement before the event. Finally, they’ll receive discount codes for outdoor retailers and kit companies, including Montane, Cotsowld Outdoor, Open Air & summitfit.

Your Facilitator will be available for questions via Whatsapp in advance of the event, and the information above will also be available on a private Facebook event page. Your participants will also receive an invitation to join this group on the introductory email.

The day before the event, we’ll send a reminder email, with a link to a Zoom briefing webinar that will take place the following morning.