How do I track my activities?

We are using a platform called Challenge Hound, which connects direct to your Strava so that any qualifying exercise will sync automatically. If you prefer, you can also upload your activities manually and instructions to do so are here. Add your activities daily, weekly, or all at once!

What is Challenge Hound?

After you register for our Virtual Everest Base Camp trek we'll provide you with a login code for the Challenge Hound event. You'll have to register for Challenge Hound using either Strava or Facebook, and you can set up your Strava account here. Watch your inbox for an email from us with further instructions. Be sure that you are not unsubscribed from our emails in order to ensure you receive important challenge instructions.

Challenge Hound syncs automatically with Strava. If you log activities with Strava, your challenge status will be updated automatically and there is no need to manually enter anything. A basic Strava account is free. You can also enter activities manually into Challenge Hound. If you are already using Fitbit, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, or another fitness app to track your exercise, these apps can be connected to Strava too so that your data flows automatically into Strava & Challenge Hound.

You'll receive an email from Challenge Hound after you complete any qualifying activity, with your current status in the challenge. You can visit Challenge Hound to view your personal challenge dashboard, as well as full challenge leaderboards and charts.