Q: How do I sync Garmin, Strava, or MapMyRun to your tracking platform?

  • Once re-directed to the "Apps" page, choose which tracking app you would like to pair with your tracking platform account. Your options will include:
    • Garmin 
    • Under Armour Connected Fitness (MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyFitness)
    • Strava
  • Note that you should create an account or have an account set up with one of these applications before attempting to sync it to our platform. 
  • Once you have selected which tracking app you would like to use, select "Authorize" on the following page to allow our platform to access your app's data:

  • If prompted, complete the log-in process on your fitness tracking app.
  • A correct sync will show a green check mark and say "Your [app] activities will sync automatically":