Day 1 of the event

On Friday 22nd May the event begins, and you can start recording stairs or steps the same day. You'll have access to our Vamoos app, where you can share moments with the other participants and where you can view all of the event information offline. You can download Vamoos to your smartphone or tablet.

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User ID: INSPIRE               


You can also use the same login datails to access a web-based version of Vamoos here.

    During the Event

    You can use Vamoos to provide progress updates to the team using the 'Moments' function, which allows you to upload notes and photos that are visible to all participants, to help create a supportive and inspiring community for all. That also allows us to keep track centrally of the team’s overall progress.

    Within Vamoos, you'll find a day-to-day itinerary with a reminder of your suggested daily targets.

    In each day, you can also access the route overview for each mountains, and there are links to Google Street View from that location on the mountain. There’s a map function showing your location on the peak, and you can access local weather forecasts for each peak too.

    On the Vamoos home screen, you have access to 'Key Info', including a detailed background information document, some advice about exercising at home, and an exercise readiness questionnaire. Under ‘Need to Know’, you have links to a 3D route video for each mountain.

    Inspire Alpine® founder Ricky Munday may schedule a small number of Whatsapp video calls randomly throughout the event to provide support, check progress, encourage and motivate you or answer any questions.

    Ricky will also give an inspirational Everest-themed talk with a short Q&A on Thursday 28th May from 6pm – 7pm. You can find out more about this talk by clicking on the image below, or at this link.

    End of Event

    The event will end on Sunday 21st June, exactly one month after we start.