Climbing Mont Blanc is something anyone, young or old, can do with a good level of fitness and strong willpower. However, the days are long - you will be in the mountains every day for 6 days, climbing for between 6 and 12 hours with only short breaks.

While the technical difficulties are not great on the Gouter route it is recommended that you have some experience climbing in crampons and travelling roped together on a crevassed glacier, but you will gain these skills during our week. Experience on high altitude hikes (such as Kilimanjaro) is useful so you know what to expect at altitude, but this will not properly prepare you for mountaineering on high alpine mountains.

The weather can be extremely hot, or extremely cold. You’ll be carrying your own pack. You’ll be sleeping in bunks in mountain refuges with no running water. You will need equal doses of physical stamina and mental determination. If you don't like hardship, cold or windy weather, getting up early, or the idea of 12 hours of continuous effort, then don't fool yourself into thinking you can climb Mont Blanc. However, if you enjoy outdoor activities, don't mind bad weather and a bit of hardship, and appreciate the rewards that an effort such as this can bring, then get in touch to discuss whether this is possible for you based on your current fitness and experience.

Check out our Winter Skills videos page below to learn more about some of the skills we'll teach you.

Winter Skills videos