As well as your leader, we'll be supported by expert local guides. Your personal gear (e.g. sleeping bags, spare footwear) will be in a duffel bag or rucksack that stays in our accommodation at the hotel or huts. You'll carry only what you need for each day's trek or climb in a small rucksack. We'll have a minimum guide-to-client ratio of 1:3. All food on the mountain is provided, and we'll eat on the mountain in a communal dining room with chairs and table. Sufficient fresh water will be provided daily to ensure you stay hydrated. It’s a four-hour drive to the mountain villages in Baksan valley at the base of the mountain and the road is good all the way to the villages. There are normally some police checkpoints along the way, so you should have your passport and paperwork handy, although generally everyone is friendly towards climbers.