Elbrus (5,642m) is a giant dormant volcano that separates Europe from Asia. Crowning the awesome Caucasus range, it’s the highest peak in Europe and one of the fabled Seven Summits. The climb itself is straightforward, but the scenery is always spectacular. Join Ricky Munday, Everest Summiteer and founder of Inspire Alpine®, as we approach Elbrus from the south for a guided ascent of her higher western summit, which provides a challenging but memorable high mountain expedition.

The normal summit route is a long climb over a moderate incline that requires good acclimatisation but has no technical difficulties. Nevertheless, it must be treated with respect; the altitude, variable weather, frequent violent storms and low temperature all have to be factored into expedition planning. Summit day will be between 12 to 16 hours long.

Had the most amazing unforgettable experience ever! Couldn’t have asked for anything more and wouldn’t have changed a thing.


24th-31st July 2021 - this is based on our 'open' expedition with a group size of up to 12 clients.

Group Size: 

6-12 people 


£1,900 per person - based on our 'open expedition', but also applicable for private groups of 6 or more

Route - South:

The vast majority of Elbrus ascents are made from this south side, where there is a compact ski resort with a couple of lifts that facilitate our access to the huts at the top of these lifts, at 3,845m, with a few huts higher up at 4,100m. The snowline starts at around 3,600m on the south side - initially at a gentle angle - so crampons are often not required until higher up.

The ascent of the West Peak (Standard Route) follows the broad slope as far as the small rock islands known as Pashtukov Rocks. We then continue straight up for 400 metres towards the East Peak, gradually bearing left and traversing until reaching a huge basin below the West Peak. This leads to the saddle or col and is a good place to rest and eat. We then head west and to the left side of the saddle, ascending the steeper snow slope on a rising traverse to the rocks of the shoulder of the West Peak and a short distance up to the plateau. We cross the broad plateau and easy ground to gain the summit.

There are no major crevasses or objective dangers on the main route, but the weather is very temperamental, and visibility can drop very rapidly. Sudden storms and extremely cold weather are common. It is easy to become disorientated and wander off route, and frostbite and hypothermia injuries on the mountain occur every year.


Day 1 Meet at Mineralnye Vody airport. Transport to Hotel
Day 2 Acclimatisation ascent of Cheget Mountain (3,450m)
Day 3 Transfer to Barrel Huts on Elbrus (3,800m). Acclimatisation hike to 4,200m
Day 4 Acclimatization hike to higher than 4,400m, then rest
Day 5 Summit day, starting 03:00 to ascend to Elbrus' west summit (5,642m). Descend to huts for overnight
Day 6 Reserve day for climbing Elbrus or descent to Baksan valley
Day 7 Either descend to Baksan valley or rest day
Day 8 Group transportation to Mineralnye Vody airport, fly home

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