Q: Why are my activities doubled?

A: Our platform will automatically sync activities from third party apps (Garmin, MapMyRun, Strava, etc). If you are using a third party app do not manually enter activities into our platform, or else things will be doubled. You can remove any duplicates by going to the main Activities link, click into the duplicate, then edit, then remove.

If you sign-up for more than one third party app, then activities can also be duplicated. If you use Garmin and have Garmin synced with Strava, then connect both Garmin and Strava to our tracking platform, then the activities will be ingested twice. Our platform will attempt to flag duplicates automatically. Flagged activities are not counted in the challenges, but will show up under your main Activities link - our platform flags activities with the same start and activity type. There is no problem in having flagged activities in this scenario.