In September 2021 I'll attempt to complete the world's toughest mountain race, the infamous Dragon's Back Race®, down the spine of Wales to raise funds for Inspire Alpine® to help us continue to inspire disadvantaged young people to raise their aspirations. 

Over 6 days in September 2021, I'll attempt to run 380 kilometres & climb 17,400 metres - more than twice the height of Everest - from Conwy Castle to Cardiff Castle.

This will be my toughest challenge ever.

I completed the Marathon des Sables in 2004 and I climbed Everest in 2018, but this race is 130 kilometres further than the MdS and I'll climb twice the height of Everest! The average daily distance is 63km - that’s more than 1.5 marathons a day!

I'm committed to a rigorous & intensive training shcedule over the next 12 months to give me the best possible chance of completing this legendary event.

I would greatly appreciate your support to help disadvantaged young people raise their own aspirations & build heir confidence & resilience.

Ricky Munday