We offer a range of inspiring stair-climbing adventures indoors, expertly facilitated by Everest summiteer Ricky Munday.

Welcome to the overview of our virtual climb event. To explain how we run this event, we’ll use Snowdon as an example, although we can run this event for any UK mountain, including Ben Nevis & Scafell Pike.We can also run a virtual National Three Peaks Challenge, either over 24 hours or over three days to allow many more participants to complete the event. Please get in touch for more details.

At 1,085 metres, Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales, and is the most frequently climbed mountain in the UK. I’ve personally led thousands of clients on well over a hundred ascents of Snowdon, so it’s a mountain I know really well. The route we’ll take is the Pyg Track, which begins at Pen-y-pass and is the shortest route on the mountain, with 723 metres of ascent.


We can support up to 100 participants per event. This can be increased, so please do ask if you’d like to run a bigger event.

When participants sign up for the event, we’ll send an email with a briefing document. That document will explain a number of things. It will:

  • Describe how the day will run, with outline timings
  • Include information on how to install and use some of the digital tools that we’ll be working with, such as Facebook, Zoom & Whatsapp
  • Include links to online videos showing how to measure stairs and record circuits of stairs
  • Include a suggested kit list and a suggested training programme and some tips on nutrition
  • Include route information & a 3D video of the real route so that your fundraisers can visualise the route they're climbing on Snowdon

We’ll also send them information on how to download our fantastic Vamoos app to help build excitement before the event. Finally, they’ll receive discount codes for outdoor retailers and kit companies, including Montane, Cotsowld Outdoor, Open Air & summitfit. You can download Vamoos to your smartphone or tablet to see our example virtual Snowdon climb info below. Use the following login credentials once you've downloaded Vamoos:

username: INSPIRE

password: VIRTUAL

Download on Apple App Store Download on Google Play

You can also view the Vamoos information on a web browser by entering the same login credentials here.

I’ll be available for questions via Whatsapp in advance of the event, and the information above will also be available on a private Facebook event page. Your fundraisers will also receive an invitation to join this group on the introductory email.


The day before the event, we’ll send a reminder email, with a link to the Zoom briefing webinar that will take place the following morning.


I’ll be lead facilitator for the event. I’m a qualified Mountain Leader and Everest summiteer and I hold an Expedition First Aid qualification. I’ve safely guided thousands of clients up & down the UK’s highest peaks and also on overseas expeditions to Kilimanjaro & Everest Base Camp.


The event will run from 08:00 until 17:20, with a walking/climbing time of up to 8 hours. This should be enough for the vast majority of participants to complete the necessary height gain. 

At 08:00 the briefing webinar will begin, and it will have two elements:

  • 08:00 – 08:20: A briefing on what to expect during the day. I’ll treat this as it if were a real event so we’ll talk about the actual weather forecast, kit required for their day, nutrition & hydration, how to measure and record height gain, how and when to update me with progress, how the Facebook event page will work and cover any questions participants will have (15 – 20 minutes)
  • 08:20 – 09:00: I’ll give an inspirational Everest-themed talk with a short Q&A. You can see an example of a previous talk here or view a summary of the talk on the video below:

Download Recording Spreadsheets

We normally charge £600+ for an inspirational talk for our third sector partners, but this is included within the event package at no extra cost!

Ricky’s story is fascinating, thought-provoking and inspiring. I would thoroughly recommend speaking to Ricky if you're looking for someone to motivate your team to make the best of themselves whatever their age or background.

~ Kevin, Director, Deloitte

At 09:00 the event will begin.


Participants will be asked to update me every 150 metres of ascent by Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger so we can track progress. I’ll send them photos/videos from specific altitudes from the mountain to keep them engaged & motivated. I'll schedule a small number of Whatsapp video calls randomly throughout the day to speak to people to provide support, check progress, encourage and motivate them or answer any questions.

Participants will also be encouraged to update the private Facebook event page with photos & video updates of their own to create a supportive and inspiring community for all.

I’ll be sharing tips and advice on the event page throughout the day and in the event that a participant suffers a minor injury I can offer first aid advice remotely.


We’ll hold a Zoom debriefing call with participants from 17:00 – 17:20 to celebrate our successful ascent, their amazing fundraising and share feedback, stories and goodwill all round.


There are so many incredible benefits of offering this virtual challenge:

  • Keep your fundraisers and staff engaged & motivated
  • Relatively low cost (no accommodation, no transport etc.)
  • Lower risk than a mountain event as objective factors are removed (e.g. weather) and no travelling involved
  • Massively decreased carbon footprint


0 - 25 Participants:

  • Option 1: £250 deposit + 20% of total funds raised
  • Option 2: £600 fixed cost, payable in advance

Example: you ask your participants for a registration fee of £10 and a minimum fundraising target of £100. 20 participants sign up & meet their minimum fundraising targets. Your overall minimum income is £2,200 + Gift Aid. You pay us either £250 deposit + £440 = £690 (exc. Gift Aid – option 1), or £600 (exc. Gift Aid – option 2).       

26 - 100 Participants:

  • £500 deposit + 15% of total funds raised

Example: you ask your participants for a registration fee of £10 and a minimum fundraising target of £100. 50 participants sign up & meet their minimum fundraising targets. Your overall minimum income is £5,500 + Gift Aid. You pay us a £500 deposit + £825 = £1,325 (exc. Gift Aid)


I hope that’s clarified how the event will run in outline, and how we run certain aspects to best support your fundraisers. Please get in touch with any questions, and I look forward to working with you.

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