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The stunning Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and is home to a fascinating variety of flora, fauna and magical landscapes. Our expedition takes you to the trekkers’ summit: Point Lenana (4,985m).  

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano with striking rocky summits that rises out of the heart of the Mount Kenya National Park. It has three main peaks: Batian (5,199m), Nelion (5,188m) and Point Lenana (4,985m). Batian and Nelion are technical alpine climbs, but Lenana Peak offers superb trekking routes and is an ideal pre-acclimatisation option for our Mount Kilimanjaro expedition or an adventure on its own. 

The two higher peaks are normaly snow-capped and hold small and fast-receding glaciers, in contrast to the lush terrain on the lower slopes of the mountain.  

You also have the option to reach Mount Kenya’s highest peak (Batian – 5,199m), which involves a long 22-pitch technical climb on summit day. 


1st-7th October 2020 

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Day 1  Arrive in Nairobi, transfer to hotel for evening team meeting, meal and gear  check
Day 2 Travel from Nairobi to Naro  MoruTownship. Transfer to our hotel for dinner and overnight stay. 
Day 3 Transfer to Naro  Moru Park Gate for registration. Hike between the Northern and Southern Naro  MoruValleys. The day ends at Met Station Camp (3,000m/9,850ft).  
Day 4  Met Station camp to Mackinder's camp. Dinner and overnight stay in camp. 
Day 5 We depart from Mackinder’s Camp to Austrian Hut at 4,700m/15,400ft.
Day 6 Trek to Lenana Peak. Accompanying climbing teams will summit Mount Kenya today.
Day 7  Weather contingency day 
Day 8 Descend down to Mintos Hut. We then descend further to Meru Bandas Hut (2,950m/9,680ft) for the night.
Day 9 We descend 2 hours through the forest to catch a 4x4 transfer vehicle to Chogoria Village, transfer back to Nairobi. Depart. 

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