At 4,810 meters Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Western Europe. As the highest summit in the Alps, Mont Blanc is a worthy goal for mountaineers of all levels. On this exciting trip we aim to ascend one of the classic routes on Mt Blanc after acclimatising on the highest peak found entirely within Italy – Gran Paradiso (4,061m).

We'll test your tenacity by climbing the highest peaks in France and Italy on this challenging week-long alpine adventure!

The name 'Mont Blanc' translates to 'the white one' and for good reason; it's a picturesque glaciated mountain that offers an unrivalled alpine experience. The weather can be fierce, the terrain is sometimes steep, and the early alpine starts can be challenging - but the views from the highest point in Western Europe will make it all worthwhile.

On Mont Blanc the route we choose varies, but we usually ascend the Gouter Ridge via the Gouter and Tete Rousse huts. We will attempt the most suitable route according to the weather and conditions.

It was great to be part of this extremely well run & successful trip...we were looked after very well every day

Video from the Mont Blanc Ascent via the Gouter Hut © Pierre Schmidt


2nd-8th August 2021

Group Size:

Max 6.


£2,450 per person


We will normally climb via the ‘normal route’ (Gouter). At the start of the ascent, we trek upwards on a rough rocky path to the Tete Rousse Hut - this normally a fairly straightforward walk if the weather is fair. Early the following morning we’ll ascend the next section to the Gouter Hut in the dark. Just after the Tête Rousse refuge, we cross the infamous Grand Couloir where there is often rock fall from above. The last 550m from here to the Gouter Hut is scrambling, rather than walking. This is never hard ‘climbing’ but it is exposed scrambling and it’s necessary to use your hands for the steeper sections. We may also wear crampons.

From the Gouter Hut, the terrain becomes glaciated and crampons are required, along with harnesses and ropes. The terrain up to the Vallot Refuge is mainly quite easy glacier walking without any steep ground. We then climb along the exposed Bosses ridge, which requires concentration and good crampon technique due to the steep snow slopes that drop off on either side. The final narrow section of summit ridge is a little exposed but there is normally a good track, and this provides a superb climax to your successful summit attempt.

While the technical difficulties are not great on the Gouter route it is recommended that you have some experience climbing in crampons and travelling roped together on a crevassed glacier, but you will gain these skills during our week.


Day 1 Arrive & Transfer to Chamonix
Day 2 Chamonix - Rifugio Chabod
Day 3 Rifugio Chabod - Summit Gran Paradiso
Day 4 Rifugio Chabod - Chamonix
Day 5 Chamonix - Tete Rousse Hut
Day 6 Summit Day!
Day 7 Chamonix - Home

Please note: This itinerary is based on good weather and mountain conditions as well as hut availability. Should an ascent of Mont Blanc not be possible due to dangerous conditions or bad weather, we strive to provide suitable alternatives such as climbing in the Monta Rosa range on the Swiss/Italian border where there are many 4000ers and the experience is equally as challenging and spectacular. During June and July we may opt for the Italian normal route (via rifugio Gonella) if conditions allow. It is a stunning alternative route to the Gouter route and is often much less frequented.

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