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Known as the Roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro is one of the best-known mountains on earth. It's the world's highest free-standing mountain and the easiest of the fabled Seven Summits and for decades it has captured the imagination of generations of trekkers! Join Ricky Munday, Everest Summiteer and founder of Inspire Alpine, for a guided trek on the picturesque Rongai route for a challenging but memorable experience.

Kilimanjaro has three main volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira - it's a truly superlative mountain, standing in isolation like an island above the surrounding savannah and the hot, dry plains of Tanzania. An expedition to climb Kilimanjaro offers an eclectic cocktail of East African culture and scenery. At 5,895 metres, climbing Kilimanjaro is a fantastic challenge that is entirely feasible for a hillwalker looking to combine a high mountain adventure with a visit to East Africa, which offers incredible safari and other adventure travel opportunities. Kilimanjaro translates as 'mountain of the springs' and it holds some of the world's last remaining and fast-receding tropical glaciers, which you will have the opportunity to admire on summit day.

We'll pass through five different vegetation zones as we ascend from the lowest to the highest point: Lower slopes, montane forest, heath and moorland, alpine desert and summit rock and ice, which makes an ascent of this magical mountain even more special.

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7 - 15 October 2021

Group Size:

6 - 12


£2,600 per person - based on our open expedition, but also applicable for private groups of 6 or more


Rongai Route

The Rongai route is the only route from the north side of the mountain, which tends to be drier than the south. It's a relatively quiet route with good opportunities to spot wildlife as we ascend, and which gives incredible views of Mawenzi (second highest peak on Kilimanjaro).

Rongai has a gradual ascent in terms of terrain, which allows for excellent acclimatisation compared to other routes. We also include an additional day of acclimatisation on Day 5 so you can enjoy the stunning scenery from Mawenzi camp. We will camp in tents (two people per tent).

We'll trek for five days, ascending through the forest onto heathland, before approaching the summit from the NNE side of the mountain. After summiting, we descend to Horombo Camp the same day. The following day (Day 8) we descend to Marangu Gate.

View detailed background information on our Kilimanjaro Overview Page


Day 1 Fly into Kilimanjaro airport, Hotel
Day 2 Rongai Gate to Simba camp (2,830m)
Day 3 Simba Camp to Kikilewa Cave (3,600m)
Day 4 Kikilewa Cave to Mawenzi Tarn (4,315m)
Day 5 Mawenzi Tarn to Mawenzi Ridge (4,700m)
Day 6 Mawenzi Tarn to Kibo Camp (4,703m), Tents
Day 7 Kibo Camp to Summit (5,895m) to Horombo Camp
Day 8 Horomobo to Marangu Gate, Hotel
Day 9 Fly home

View our detailed day-by-day Rongai route itinerary by clicking here.

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