Q: Why isn't my activity being added to the challenge?

A: Our tracking platform automatically determines if an activity qualifies for a challenge. Some common reasons that an activity does not qualifying are:

  • Wrong Activity Type - If the challenge only accepts runs and walks, but you logged a hike, it will not count. Contact the challenge administrator with questions surrounding allowed activity types.
  • Activity Date - Activities must be logged after the displayed start date and before the end date.
  • Challenge Already Completed - If you've already completed the challenge, then our platform does not continue to add activities to the challenge. 
  • Backfilling and Join Dates - Only activities logged after you've joined will count. You can find your join date, and backfilling rules, on the main challenge dashboard.
  • Activity Not Long Enough - If the challenge is a virtual race, or has a distance filter, then activities must be long enough to qualify. For example, if it is a 5k race, 4.98k activities will not count.

  • Flagged - Our platform will automatically flag some activities, such as blatant duplicates. Flagged activities will not count towards challenges.