Climbing to almost 7,000m is an extreme undertaking. The ascent of Aconcagua is a very physically demanding objective that is frequently underestimated due to the incorrect assumption that because the climb is not technically difficult it is not extremely physically challenging.

Climbers on Aconcagua must be prepared to endure an environment that can be potentially life-threatening; you may encounter extreme weather conditions including cold temperatures and very high winds, as well as the effects of extreme altitude. We suggest you prepare yourself physically and mentally for the Aconcagua expedition through a physical training program and mountain skills training. To climb Aconcagua, you need to be physically fit, have strong mental stamina and be capable of strenuous exercise for several days’ duration. To be successful you must train by carrying a heavy pack in mountainous terrain.

Climbing at altitude affects people differently and most climbers notice their performance is reduced. Our climbing days are mostly short to accommodate this, and rest days are usually welcomed. You must arrive on the expedition in good health and with a high level of fitness

This expedition is suitable for people with general mountaineering skills and you’ll learn comprehensive high-altitude camping and climbing techniques from your leader & guides during the expedition. Importantly, participants should be in a positive frame of mind and be willing to operate as part of a team.

You can find out more about how to prepare for high-altitude here.